2018 Veteran's President 
George Hollinger
Secretary Drew Melville
Treasurer Brian Blake

Selectors Drew Melville, Francis Mullan & George Hollinger

   Veteran Club tournaments  

VETS PAIRS Competition

VETS SINGLES competition
2017 Veterans President

Brian Blake Veteran's President 2017
Secretary Drew Melville
Treasurer Brian Blake
Selectors Drew Melville & George Hollinger

Veterans Bowling Section 


Drew Melville

Hugh Kennedy
Davy Kildae

David Angus

Colin Ritchie
George Bennett (Senr)

Billy Bowden

Laurence Loney

Peter Anderton

Charie Simmons

Billy Mc Coo

Leslie Quinn

Billy Spence

Jim (Bimbo) Orme

Brian Duncan

Victor Wasson

Hugh Caughey

George Davis

Billy Meharg

George Hollinger 2018 President

Bryan Lynn

Billy Williams

Crawford McIvor
Waring Yorke

Ken Martin

Leslie Quinn

Ronnie Mc Dade (Past President)

PRESIDENT'S DAY 2017         Photographs

Billy McCoo - Winner

Will Smith - Runner up (after a play off)

Victor Wasson 3rd place

Gareth McKee winning (non veteran) guest - visitor

Francie Mulllan with his wooden spoon.


Brian's appreciation to the Ladies behind the scenes:-
 Lee, Nessie and Jill

 TUESDAY 2nd May 2017
George Hollinger receiving the David Smylie Trophy from President Brian
On a glorious sunny day a large number of members turned out to support the David Smylie Trophy which was won by George Hollinger. 

Along with donations plus money from a voluntary ballot £205 was raise towards the MacDermott Unit Ulster Hospital, Dundonald.