Bryan Lynn
President 2019
I would like to thank the members for electing me as your President for the incoming year. I was born and bred in Netownards and still residing in the town hence it is a great honour to be elected to represent Ards as President of the Veteran's Section 

I've been a playing member of Ards Bowling Club for approximately seven years and I trust that I will do my best to help promote our Bowling club, our Veterans and the game in general both off and on the green.

I have made a lot of good friends over the years not only at our Club but also when competing against visting teams in the league and cup competitions.

My best wishes to our members for good health to enjoy your game and wish you every success as we look forward to the 2019 season. 

Individual team fixtures
 May 6th 2019 
The 2019 season started with Ards 1 at home in a derby match against old rivals Londonderry Park and ended up with both teams sharing the spoils with five points each.
Meanwhile both 2 and 3 teams travelled the short distance to Bangor and it did not exactly end up 'a stroll in Ward Park!'

In between a few showers both teams gave a good account of themselves with Ards 2 rink lead by George and skipped by Bryan fought hard and won the last six ends to clinch a very tight game (result 18 -10) 
Robert Gibson's rink played well but dropped a six in the 12th end, however a gusty performance saw them pull back five shots in the last two ends but finally went down 14 -16   All in all 6 points to Ards 2
Ards 3 rink skipped by Harry Douglas did not get off to a good start, trailing 8 - 2 after 8 ends but came back to be narrowly beaten by 5 shots (which I am lead to believe were 'wicks' by the opponents- according to the Douglas Chronicle- ha ha)
The 3 team rink skipped by Billy Bowden were slow to get off the mark (but got three ends collecting 8 shots) half way through to bring them back into the game, however another lapse  of 6 ends saw the Bangor boys put their stamp on the game by winning  and the Ards 3 losing by 5 shots.
Well done lads.
Playing for 2 & 3 teams were George Bennett, Billy Wiliams, Brian Blake ,Billy Bowden, L.Loney, Ian Smith, Francie Mullan,Harry Douglas,Crawfoed McIvor,Davy Hollinger,Davy Cowan, Robert Gibson - George Hollinger, Leslie Quinn, Billy McCoo, Bryan Lynn, 

NOTE we all know changes to the treamsheet on the board are sometimes necessary ----  HOWEVER It would be best to keep the sheet tidy and respectable as THE CHANGES last week WERE A BIT OF A DISGRACE AND VERY HARD TO UNDERSTAND and read - 
Play your part and make it easy for everyone especially the selectors Ta, BL  

 FRIENDLY challenge match on THURSDAY 18th APRIL   
                       Sponsored by Ace Tours                             

Vets V Ladies Challenge match
Excellent turn out on the day

Billy Bowden with the Trophy and Billy McCoo with the fundrasing painting (by President Bryan)
Aslo in picture are Bryan Lynn and Marion Galbraith (Presidents)
The 'Battle of the Sexes trophy'

Before the match started everyone took part in the 'spider' and the closest bowl to the jack was Lilians (a toucher carrying the jack with it) nice play Lilian and it was rewarded by an Easter egg.
The green was a it heavy and it proved a tester and a 'good warm up' for both teams before the season gets underway.

 The  game was played in a good friendly spirit along with a bit of 'bragging' but generallyit proved a close and entertaining match 


The game finshed after 14 ends with two rinks up and two rinks down 
   The charity fundraiser  -  Total of £60   
Your generous donations  of £64 will be going to the Malawi disaster fund (Central Africa) to help support people after Cyclone 'Idai' on 14th March 2019 which caused severe floods in and around the area. 
It resulted in 97 deaths but there were 860.000 people impacted by this with 85,000 left homeless afterwards. Your donations will help go towards rebuilding homes and livelihoods, restore clean water, medical supplies and helping those with disease and regain some form of sanitation, provide mosquito nets (as many people are having to sleep the open etc)

The winner of the draw was Billy McCoo - well done Billy and the prize was a framed painting of Scrabo Tower painted by myself - hope you like it Billy? 

My sincere thanks for your donations and your support for making this a enjoyable and successful pre season friendly match.

        Season begins on 6th May 2019        

Individual team fixtures above

All league fixtures are below by clicking on the link
Team 1              ZONE B Section 5
Teams 2 & 3      ZONE B Section 5B
Veterans Presidents day 2018

The boys who keep things 'ticking over' 
Secretary Drew Melville             Treasurer Brian Blake
Drew Melville,Robert Orme,George Hollinger and George Bennett Senior 

  UP DATE   -  & points of interest

 Opening day 30th March 2019 

Congratulations to our veterans who claimed prizes 
Will Smith  Overall winner

Hugh Caughey 3rd place
Crawford McIvor
won the play off for consolation prize



Crawford McIvor
Crawford has been a member of Ards B.C. and playing in the Veterans for eight years aprox. He usually plays at the front end (lead or second) in the ourdoors and is also a competitive player on the short mat and had no bowling experience with any other club before joining Ards.

Crawford is a widower and has two children and four grandchildren and was awarded the B.E.M. in the Queens Birthday Honours in 1986. 

His previous sport was fishing and held two all Ireland records for Tope (60lb 12 oz) Spurdog (16lb 4ox) and he made his way into the Guinness book of records for ten years.

For a while Crawford worked at boat and trailer building, and is a well known and respected bird breeder entering and judges many competitions. He has won many awards as a bird breeder with a love for Canaries, and especially his love for breeding and flying his beloved Birminham roller pigeons. While relaxing Crawford like to watch wildlife programmes on television, the last of the Summer wine and Open all hours. 

George Hollinger 2018 President
George has been a member of Ards B.C for the past eight years and is a regular player in the Midweek and junior squad. His previous club was Londonderry Park.  

George is both a versatile and competiive player and  always willing to help out in anyway possible within the club plays an important role in selecting the Veteran teams.

Before retiring George was a builder with his own business in construction, and although he has no particular favourite T.V. programmes he enjoys exercising in the local leisure centre enjoying keeping fit by regularly completing several lengths in the swimming pool. 

George also takes a keen interest in learning and updating his computer IT skills. 

A widower with two sons and three grandchildren

 2019    Vice President 
George Bennett (Senior) 
After joining Ards approx. eight years ago George has been a regular 'Lead' in the Veterans Team and made several apperances on our Midweek team. A keen competitor both on the green and on the indoor short mat, not only in the Club but helping run the Indoor Bowling Club in his local Presbyterian Church  George has six grandchildren and lives in the nearby West Winds estate along with his wife Betty. Being in the Merchant Navy in the early part of his life George has travelled numerous parts of the world and can tell many stories of the many ships he served on, his tasks and exploits around the globe and the ports he visited. . After serving eleven years in the Navy George was employed and well known in the local farming community and also helping with landscape gardening, where he still maintains an keen interest in the gardening side of things.  In his early years and coming from a family of a well known boxers, Geroge was a member of the Millisle Boxing Club and was runner up in the all Ireland Bantamweight class. His brother Bertie (with his fancy footwork)was the KO specialist in the area and was known as 'Pocket Marcheiano' although George also claimed many KO's through out his career.Apart from a keen ineterst in boxing and watching the fights on television he also enoys wildlife programmes. It is good to see George being elected to serve as Vice President fo 2019 and wish him every success in the future

Francis Mullan  Francis, a past President has been a member of our club for twenty five years (Plus) Playing for the Veterans for over eleven years Francie has obtained many honours at an indvidal level and also with the team. He won the Veterans pairs three time over, once when President and followed it up by winning the pairs title the following year when Vice President (well done Francis, not any can say the same) He was the first winner of the David Smylie Charity trophy. While playing with the team when they won the Stevenson Cup, Hatch Cup, The May trophy and league champions on several occassions. Francie also helps out by playing the occassional Midweek match. During his early days he served in the Merchant Navy travelling around various places in the world then worked in Pritchett Foods before retiring in 2006. Frances is always willing to assist with 'the backroom chores' with the vets. Married to Maureen they have three children and seven grandchildren. When relaxing at home watching Sport and Quiz shows helps pass his time.   

Waring Yorke
Waring has been a member with  our club for over 20 years and during during that timewhen representing the veterans playing his part in winning several Cup and League honours.During his working career he was a Foreman fault inspector with W.Ewart and Blackstahh co. in the weaving industry with  before spending fifteen years in Donaghadee Carpets before retiring. 

His pastimes were mostly ballroom dancing when along with his wife enjoyed several dances. When relaxing Waring enjoys detective stories, mysteries and the odd cowboy movie on television, although he still likes to keep a keen eye on 'Strictly' to remind him his bygone years when he graced the dance floor.

Bryan Lynn

Bryan joined Ards approx. five years ago after gaining experience with Londonderry Park and Pickie B.C.  During that period he gained league honours (L'Derry Pk) & Midweek Cup winners, runners up in Vets pairs (Pickie) Further success followed with Ards when he won Veterans singles title, open Pairs and Vets pairs plus Div 5 league promotion, Midweek and Junior Cups wins. Bryan usually plays skip with vets  but willing to play any position and enjoys good comradeship both on and off the green.
 Bryan developed and designd the current website and take a very keen interest in updating  the bowling club website along with the organising his walking club's Blog/website. 

His interests varies from photography, painting/art work (member of Ards Art Club), hill walking, sequence dancing,  storytelling/yarnspinning, getting out to the odd show, DIY and travelling abroad plus spending time with his grandchildren. Bryan is a retired Staff Training Officer, a widower with two children, three grand children

Harry Douglas
Harry Douglas needs no introduction in bowling circles and has been with Ards bowling Club for over three years now and established himself as Skip in the Veterans outdoor team and enjoys the short mat also. 

Harry is well known in as he was formerly with Castle and Bangor B.C. 

Apart from sponsoring the Bangor Open Tournament for several years Harry managed to be runners up in the final of the Rinks (in the same tournament) 

A keen indoor player he is a well know and respected Umpire in various tournaments including international level. A retired businessman from Bangor Harry managed his own successful funiture business. Harry has a family (boy and a girl) and four grand daughters. 

Brian Duncan
Brian has been with Ards B.C for 15 yrs approx. and prior to that he worked as a shipwright in South Africa. During that period in S.A. he proved to be an experienced Provincial bowler. Brian played lead for Durban Bowling Club 1973 - 2003 in South African National Competitions for twenty years  and was honoured to be selected from over 300 clubs to represent his club where his matches took him to various provinces playing with his skip and third (who were both Springboks) to Transval, Johannesburg and Cape town.

During his time with Ards, Brian has been a keen member of the veterans squad playing on several winning teams in various cup and league competitions. Now retired for several years  Brian is still as passionate as he ever was about his game and shares his experience to encourage his team mates in every way. (Married to Ella who also played and won several competitions with our Ladies team) they have 3 boys an five grandchildren. Brian enjoys watching TV viewing discovery channels, Quest i.e Mighty ships, sport , comedy programmes i.e. Father Ted and Fools and horses.

Updated 31st January 2019


Brian Jess 2018 Singles winner 

Drew Mellville (Secretary)

Davy Kildae

David Angus

Colin Ritchie
 Vice President George Bennett (Senr)

Billy Bowden

Laurence Loney

Peter Anderton

Billy Mc Coo

Leslie Quinn

Billy Spence

Jim (Bimbo) Orme

Brian Duncan

Victor Wasson

Hugh Caughey

George Davis

Billy Meharg

George Hollinger 2018 President

Harry Douglas

Billy Williams

Waring Yorke

Ken Martin

2018 Veterans Pairs Winners 
Robert (Bimbo) Orme and Peter Thompson 


Ronnie Mc Dade (Past President)

  2018 Veteran's President

George Hollinger

  1. Veteran's Day 27th August 2018
Singles winner Brian Jess

    2017 Veterans President  

Brian Blake Veteran's President 2018

Secretary Drew Melville
Treasurer Brian Blake
Selectors Drew Melville & George Hollinger

PRESIDENT'S DAY 2017       

Billy McCoo - Winner

Will Smith - Runner up (after a play off)

Victor Wasson 3rd place

Gareth McKee winning (non veteran) guest - visitor

Francie Mulllan with his wooden spoon.


Brian's appreciation to the Ladies behind the scenes:-
 Lee, Nessie and Jill

 TUESDAY 2nd May 2017
George Hollinger receiving the David Smylie Trophy from President Brian